23 May 2007

Fiberplay 2007 at The Creative Spirit Center

Four of my quilts, including the one above, are heading out to Midland, Michigan this week for the Fiberplay 2007 exhibit. The one above is "Release". The others juried into the show are "Restraint", "Seeking Zen" and "Interruption." You can see the others on my website.

Tomorrow I cut and paint hanging slats for the three little guys (the smaller quilts accepted) and then I can pack it up and get it out the door.

I just bopped on over to The Creative Spirit Center's website and found this on there as an advertisement:

The second image from the left is part of "Seeking Zen". How cool is that!

I'm very excited to be part of the show and am planning a trip out there to see everything. I've not been there yet - its a two hour drive - but it looks just wonderful!! Many thanks to them for putting on this wonderful show!!

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