04 May 2007

Leann the goddess

With every new quilt I make I learn something new. This past one I've been working on for a show has taught me in a very loud way to NEVER WORK ON QUILTS WHEN I AM EXTREMELY TIRED.

I've done countless image transfers onto fabric using matte medium and inkjet transparencies. I even taught a seminar on it at the American Sewing Expo a couple years ago. In other words, I consider myself pretty familiar with them.

So why in the world did I iron one with an iron set on the highest cotton setting and on steam setting? Not paying attention. Said image transfer is now peeling off and it is not salvageable. So back to the drawing board and really no time to waste here.

I try to approach it like I do the problems at work.

Identify the problem: how to get text onto fabric.

Various solutions: matte medium image transfer, print directly on fabric, draw with a marker, screen print, use stamps.

Limitations of solutions: I've already trashed one matte medium transfer so I'd like to take a different approach, printing directly on fabric is okay but it would have to be done in several sheets and I'd like it to be a solid top, I don't draw that good, can't get a screen fast enough and...stamps...hmmmm...now that one might work.

I get excited at the possibility of stamps. And then realize that an eye chart has different sizes of text. $^%&#*(#&. Not something you can waltz into the craft store and buy. And then it hits me...L E A N N. She carves stamps, does an amazing job, does 'em quick and is a great friend. I send her a desperate email, begging her to help me. She agrees to take a look and see if she thinks she can do it.

I drop off a print out of the text on wednesday night after work and she says she thinks she can do it. I tell her that I need them by the weekend if I'm going to get it done, she says she'll let me know right away if she thinks she can't do it. I get to work the next morning, there's an email that she's done. My jaw drops, I go pick up said stamps and get these:

Leann has saved my butt. I'm going to test out some new ink pads that claim are good for fabric tonight and then stamp my heart out. THANK YOU LEANN!!!!

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