12 May 2007

A beginning & an ending...

Okay, so I'm not saying I'm super fascinating or anything but if you like my blog, take a gander at the right hand sidebar. You can subscribe to it now. I got widget happy yesterday and added a couple, thought they were fun.

So today I went and visited a yarn store out in Ann Arbor called Knit A Round. I am a beginner knitter but have fun with all the really cool yarns out there and decided to try out socks. Here is what I picked up at the store today.

They have a better selection of sock yarn then the yarn store closest to my house but I still wasn't super impressed with the variety. If I continue knitting socks then I think I'll be hunting down an online source.

The woman at the yarn store said that since this is my first pair of socks I should start with a heavier weight and make monster size socks just to learn. I smiled and proceeded to put the above yarn and needles on the counter to pay. She has a point but considering the fact that I tat with sewing thread, I'm not that intimidated by a light weight yarn and small needles.

So what is my plan to learn socks? I looked at a bunch of books but none of them seemed that clear. So I spent some time searching the web and found this sock tutorial site called Silver's Sock Class.
Its got lots of pictures, explains every step and I think I can get a decent start off it. If I get stuck, I'll beg my friend Kate for help. :)

So that's my beginning. My ending is that I finished my quilt for the Altered Views show with the Kansas Art Quilters. Here is a small sneek peek at it.

This is the portion with the teeniest stamps that goddess Leann carved for me. I'm revamping my website right now so you'll have to wait to see the whole thing until I've got it redone. I took lots of pictures of it so there will be some good shots to look at.

And yes Leann, I've not forgotten that the botany quilt is due in a couple weeks. I have an idea brewing that I plan to begin tonight. The socks will be for when I'm feeling ambitious and all else is done. Ah yes, its a lovely thing being a fiber addict.

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