03 May 2007

I'm it...

Julaine tagged me. So the rules are that I have to post seven random facts/habits about myself. I'm supposed to tag seven other people to do the same but not sure who to tag yet so I thought I would at least post the facts now.

1) I am sewing machine challenged. (Not so little known since I started the blog...)

2) I read magazines backwards. (And no, I don't have any kind of learning disorder.)

3) I didn't pick up a needle and thread until I was 25.

4) I'm addicted to watching corny craft shows with my dog.

5) I love comic books/graphic novels and most of the movies that are based on them. (Go Spidey!)

6) Before choosing to become an engineer, I wanted to be an FBI agent. (A decision made easier by watching "Silence of the Lambs".)

7) I wish everyday could be Halloween.

I'll tag people soon! :) Thanks Julaine, that was fun!

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