22 May 2007

0321-0325, page 100

Oh happy day! My copy of 1,000 Artist Trading Cards came today and its autographed by Patricia Bolton! How cool is that??

This book is very exciting to me because I'm thrilled to be published in it but I'm also extremely excited because several of my friends are in it as well!

Leann Meixner (who has an article in the latest Cloth Paper Scissors) is 0954-0955, pg 291.

Lora Disser is 0877-0881, pgs. 260-261.

Sidney Inch is 0887-0891, pgs 264-265.

Jill Hamilton-Krawczyk - also my SIL :) - is 0326-0330, pg. 101 and 0977-0979, pg. 300

Laura Brandon is 0922-0924, pg. 277

I recognize many other names that I have become friends with through the internet and I'm so honored to be among them in this book. Thanks Pokey! :)

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