21 May 2007

I'm talking to myself a lot lately...

Life is good. Everything is looking up. And I'm freeeaaakkkinnng out!!!

Okay, so I need a plan. I need a way to work through all the tight deadlines and get to the point that I don't want to tear all my hair out.

I know, I know. I do it to myself. But some things are far too good to pass up. I'm going to extend my three day weekend this week and tack on one or two extra days to it.

I've noticed that when I feel overwhelmed, I start obsessively cleaning and organizing. I'm getting the itch to do that again. Damn IKEA for opening a store so close to me. Not sure if its avoidance or if I'm just trying to create some kind of order to make myself feel better.

Whew...okay, feeling better. I'm going to come up with my plan, going to stick to it, everything will rock.

And then I'm going to go sleep for a month...

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