02 April 2012

what has art taught you?

What has art taught you?

I asked that question on my facebook page and the answers may not be what you would think.

No one talked about a technique or a project or a product. Instead they talked about how art has changed their lives. And it made me smile deeply.

I smiled because that's what art has taught me as well, and its something we all share.

Its taught me more then I could ever imagine:

...that nothing is finished until its finished

...that being different is good

...that we all want to be heard

...that its possible to capture a feeling in a tangible way and save it on fabric and canvas

I don't think I'll ever stop learning either and really, that's the best part of all.

So tell me - what has art taught you?


Mauree said...

I got a degree in art forever ago. The biggest way I benefited was being able to use both sides of my brain. I have been able to be creative and innovative in my career (even though it is not art) and do some interesting, fun projects that have been good. Some of them have made a difference to the community! Also, art as a hobby has given me hours of enjoyment.
I passionately believe in art education. Students can learn to use the left side of the brain *read Daniel Pink's books.) They can develop confidence as they get to try new ideas. They get to be themselves. Teaching the arts in school helps develop "American ingenuity." (Did you know that Steve Jobs took a design course they greatly influenced the Apple products?) Art is essential.

Deb H said...

I had to smile at Mauree's comment about using both sides of the brain. After changing careers from an engineering designer to a creative fiber artist I had to work hard to turn off the left side of my brain and access the right side. That was back when dirt was new. Now I'm so comfortable in the right side I've lost touch with the left... and all it's benefits. I'm relearning how to access that now, the middle ground is my target.

But the question was "what has art taught me?". It's taught me that control is an illusion.
Yep, that's the biggy ;o)