14 April 2012

an audience :)

Observe my supervision for my yard work the other day.

Dooley love likes to be wherever I am but sometimes, all that watching gets tiring and he just needs to take a break. (I especially love the leg dangling over the edge, like it was simply too much work to pull it up underneath him.)

My wesite is a simple guy:  just wants lots of petting and a cookie and a soft couch.

Oh, and if he looks grouchy? He hates the camera. I keep telling him its his own fault that I keep taking pictures - he's too darn cute. :)

Dooley wishes you a happy spring and much relaxing in the shade!


Nancy said...

Dooley is a great yard boss. Relaxed, laid back, but watchful. He's very similar to Jesse, our wheaten color Cairn, and he's cute like Dooley. Even though he's 14, he still does funny things to make us laugh.

Gisela Towner said...

Such a sweetie!! I always love your Dooley pics.
Bugsy sits on the patio and supervises too...except for when he's watching me plant annuals and then decides to help by digging up what I just planted!

Mary@BarnBugStudio said...

Dooley is too adorable!! Kiss that sweet little face for me, please!