22 April 2012

spring cleaning giveaway :)

art cloth on canvas
Thermofax screen printed images using Xpandaprint
Lynn Krawczyk

I know today is usually Where I Stand Sunday but my feet aren't standing anywhere at the moment. (A nasty cold has taken me down for the count and made me cancel my plans for the day. Zicam and I are best friends right now...)

So in lieu of the fact that I have no Where I Stand photo, I thought I'd do a giveaway instead. :)

I've been purging and cleaning my studio and spare room because its time to let the items go that I no longer need and will never use. And while this particular item does not fall under that category, I would like for it to go to a home where it is appreciated rather then sitting on a shelf unloved.

This is fabric that I made when I wrote my first article for Quilting Arts on Thermofax Screen Printing. The white/pink swirls are printed with paint but the daisies (printed with this screen), were printed with Xpandaprint. If you've never tried Xpandaprint before, its pretty nifty stuff. Its a high quality puff paint product and I tell ya, I get such a thrill from taking the heat gun to it and watching it expand into cool texture. :)

After I puffed it, I painted it (the Xpandaprint comes in white and black) to give the flowers some pop.

Want a closer look?

Get a good look at the texture of the Xpandaprint:

Cool, huh?

I will say that the photos do not really show how electric the base fabric is, its a really intense magenta. And while I'm still struggling to make friends with pink, I can totally appreciate a good saturated color and fell in love with the vibrancy of it.

So would you like to have it? If you would, here's what you need to do:

Give me your best spring cleaning tip in the comments by Sunday April 29 and you'll be in the running. 

Remember that if you do not have a blog that your name links to that I can contact you through, you need to leave an email address so I can contact you. Anonymous comments without email addresses won't go into the drawing, sorry. And if you don't respond to the email that you won within two weeks, I'll choose a new name.

Happy commenting! :)


mary said...

my best spring cleaning tip is to have a basket you put things in. section by section, put the items in the basket, clean the area they came from(spray down with cleaner if possible) then look in the basket with open eyes and put back in place only things you really will use. the left overs go in a donation pile. done in small doses it is not so over whelming and you get it done faster.

Vicki W said...

I hope you feel better soon! As for Spring cleaning, hmmmm, hire a cleaning service!

Anonymous said...

Feel Better, Lynn!! Use 3 bins, one for keep, one for donate, and one for throw out. Everything must go into one of the 3 bins. Then clean the area, only put back the keep stuff. Bag up the garbage, and get the donates ready to go to RWS and give to Debi...haha...give to a school or senior centers, ect.

Goddess of Flame

Joy Manoleros said...

I gather laundry baskets (or boxes) and a trash can. Label them:
PUT AWAY -for the things that belong in another room, GIVE AWAY - for things that go to Good Will, etc.
SELL - for the garage sale
SEND HOME - For things that belong to other people
FILE - I always have a bazillion papers lying around....

Once these are full - you'll be amazed how much better the room looks, and you'll be motivated to keep going.

I deal with the Put-away box first. Then the File box.

:D You're making me want to clean!!!! I can't function in chaos and my house it at epic proportions....but one more week until I'm finished with the semester, and that's the first thing on my list.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn - It is a beautiful day in Northern California - almost 90! Speaking of spring cleaning when one is not feeling well does not sound like a cure! But I like to open all of the windows, put on some good tunes and set to work. Like others have mentioned - taking out all of the unused items first is a good initial step. I like to clean out the entire area (cupboards, closets etc - scrubbed and dusted) then return only the items I have used in the last year or not passed their expiration date. It is so gratifying to open a clean closet - especially after the extras have been given to a charity, library, school, etc.
Hope you feel better! Susan (daposners@yahoo.com)

Michele Bilyeu said...

If you haven't worn it or used it this year, put it in a 'give away' box and allow yourself to hold on to it for one more year..only. If you haven't worn it or used it in two years give it away, now!

And trust me, there is no way in the world that your art cloth would just sit around unused or unloved...ever! It's fabulous!

Robbie said...

My best spring cleaning tip is to throw it all in laundry baskets and put the baskets in the attic! There...your room is now all clean and ready for another creative year!!!

Gill said...

Although the calendar says it's spring, here in the UK it's still cold and wet! but when spring does arrive I tackle one room at a time!

Candyce said...

Spring cleaning you say. closets get cleared so the clutter seems less. Hire the rest! Candy

Lisa said...

My best Spring Cleaning Tip is to "Just Do It!" I get so wrapped up in things sometimes that things like Spring cleaning just don't get done. Rather than thinking and planning how I will do it, I find that grabbing 3 paper sacks or 3 boxes and then just get up and DO IT! I love the way things feel when I clean stuff out! Good luck!

Jean Baardsen said...

Move to a new house. :o)

Lynne said...

I did some of that on Saturday and I had to empty the vacuum after every room !!! Too much sewing and art going on around here !!!
feel better I had it two weeks ago. I love the flowers they would go so well with my Italian hand painted tile dining room table !!!

Sue Andrus said...

Spring Cleaning?? I usually do my deepest cleaning in Fall before the Holidays and tend to tackle one room at a time. Everything comes off shelves,tables, etc and gets wiped down or run through the dishwasher(glass collection), surfaces are dusted and vacuumed then things are put back, tossing random junk that has built up into trash or recycling. Cobweb sweeping ceilings and walls with a Swiffer is a never ending challenge. Studio cleaning happens whenever I get frustrated with the clutter... just putting things back where they belong for the most part there...

I would love a chance at winning your fabric! I AM a pink girl :) Hope you're back on your feet soon!

Judi Hurwitt (Approachable Art) said...

My best tip is this: if you haven't touched it in a year, you don't need it- toss it out. This does NOT apply, however, for your studio!

Sandy in CA said...

Break the work down into manageable segments. Work for a set amount of time [1 hour?]. Then give yourself a reward -- 1 hour [or even just 15 minutes] of reading, a walk, etc. It doesn't all have to be done at once!

Linda Branch Dunn said...

Keep in mind that it gets worse before it gets better. When the hall is full of bags, you are almost there. Plus, Freecycle is an outstanding way to move scrap fabric to a better home.