22 October 2010

skelly winners!

Today is the day.

Skelly plushie winners have been selected for the skelly seeks a new home giveaway. Cathy is here visiting for the weekend and I enslaved her by forcing her to write down everyone's name who left a comment on a slip of paper and then drawing three names at random. (I know I could have use the Random Number Generator online but this was far more fun to make her do it.)

So without further ado, here are the winners!

Kim Hambric
Karen Newman Fridy
Merrie Jo

Congrats ladies! All you need to do now is send me a private email at FibraArtysta@earthlink.net with your color choice (see the photo below) and your snail mail address. I'll get the little buggers in the mail next week.

Many people have asked how I managed to get this biker to hold a pink skelly plushie:

So here's the story.

When we scheduled our Meet the Artists Afternoon for our no assembly required exhibit, we were smart enough to check the coffee shop's schedule to make sure we didn't interfere with any events they might be holding.

We did not, however, think to check the city's schedule. Murphy's law could not resist. It really was too good of an opportunity to pass up. We made the postcards, put the date down on 250 pieces of heavy cardstock and then found out that that was the same weekend as Plymouth's Chili Cookoff.

That alone doesn't sound like enough to turn the city into a mob scene but this seemed to do the trick:

A motorcycle show runs alongside the chili cook off and I'm pretty confident that every motorcycle in Michigan was crammed into the little downtown area. The bikes were everywhere, it was way cool.

I loved the furry little companion in this guy's sidecar:

I wish I had gotten a better shot but they were driving in front of me and I had to snap a shot when traffic was stopped. It was a beagle that felt the need to bark loud and proud all the way up Harvey street. He was having a good time.

I made the comment that it would be cool to find a biker to hold a skeleton. Someone suggested I just put one on a bike and snap a shot but I know better, you don't mess with motorcycles.

So Jackie and I struck out. We didn't go far before we spotted the gentleman in the photo above. Jackie got a shot of me asking him to hold one, I don't think he quite knew what to think at first:

But after he agreed, I asked him what color and he said "Give me the pink one, it needs to be toughened up."

So there you have it. The tale of the biker and the pink skelly plushie.

Oh and by the way? The biker does not come with the giveaway. Sorry guys...


Vicki W said...

What a great story!

Kim Hambric said...

I think my hubby will be glad that the biker is NOT included. Sounds like it was a very entertaining weekend.

Thanks for the giveaway!