06 October 2010

down time

I've had a little bit of trouble getting myself back in gear after the Two Deadlines. (Yes, they deserve capital letters.) I have much to tend to but the adrenaline flow has left the building and I find myself puttering more then doing.

Not a bad thing, we all need some rest but it makes for dreadful blogging. Instead I thought I'd show it to you in photos:

"no assembly required" is hung. Up. For all to view. I've had nightmares of things coming loose from the boxes and impaling customers in the head. Since the police have not showed up my door yet with a warrant, I figure I'm doing good.


I turned this train wreck:

into this:

And no, I did not shove everything into the hallway for the photo. Its actually cleaned up and functional again.


I knat on the never ending shawl:


I admired my dog:


I stitched:


I read while the westie napped:

I'm determined to get back to work today. I've got etsy orders to fill and class samples to make and new screens to get in the shop.

Down time is good. Especially when you've go so many pleasant distractions to help pass the time.

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Quilt or Dye said...

I know what you mean. It takes me a bit of time to recover from one major push and to get excited about another project.