08 October 2010

new video tutorial - how to wash out a screen

One of most common questions I receive from my customers is: How do I wash out my thermofax screen?

I started writing out a tutorial and then decided that was just silly when I could make a little video and show you how I do it. I realize not everyone does things the same way but this method works really well for me.

So now my question is this: What is a question that you really need answered about thermofax screens that you would like to see a video for? Let me know and I'll work on putting one together!

You can see all the instructional videos I've created so far on my YouTube channel.

Enjoy the new video and I hope you find it helpful!

1 comment:

Approachable Art said...

Great vid, Lynn. I've never done any of those naughty things to my screens that you've mentioned, never, ever, not even once. Well, maybe once...

Great info, here.