14 June 2010

a wooly weekend

This ended up being the weekend of animals and wool and all things outside. I managed to be out in the sun (although it was rather overcast both days) and not go up in flames so I can heartily recommend the SPF 100 from Aveeno. It saved this pale girl from turning tomato red.

On Saturday I headed out to Fiber Arts & Animals Festival in Marshall, MI with Cathy and her daughter (known as Squeaker for her ability to hit octaves that seem somewhat inhuman). Its organized by the awesome Rick and Laura Boesen who have put together a nice festival that focuses on the education of fiber arts. I tip my hats to them for their efforts at keeping fiber art going for future generations.

I did a tatting demo for a couple of hours and of course did not take a single picture of that. I was pretty impressed that most people who walked up to me knew what it was so that was a nice thing.

One of the things I like most about the festival is getting to see all the animals up close and personal.

One of Rick and Laura's llamas:


Giant fluffy angora bunny:

posing while trying on a felted angora hat:

A view of the festival:

Notice the distinct lack of sky in the photo? We had some serious cloud coverage going on that day. Luckily it didn't rain but the humidity was so high it sort of sucked the life force out of you. We stayed most of the day and had a good time. I bought some roving to start spinning again and Cathy and I split a felted batt, I'll post pictures of those later.

On Sunday we ventured out to a local place where there is a petting zoo. Which sounds juvenille but its really not. They have a lot of friendly animals there (I almost got head butted in the butt by a frisky baby goat) and lovely pond settings. You can see that Squeaker enjoyed herself immensely over on Cathy's blog.

It was a pleasant weekend although I have to admit that I am ready for some serious couch time. And its probably a good time to skitter back inside, I think I sort of pushed my luck exposing my paleness to the sun so much this weekend.

Tomorrow morning I'm heading over to Leann's house for a meeting with her and Joan. The three of us are exhibiting our assemblages at Plymouth's local coffee house in the autumn and we've decided to meet every so often to keep on track. I'm looking forward to getting back into my studio, have lots on the deadline list that I want to get my hands into.

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