15 June 2010

flickr love

Often when I'm looking to relax and unwind, I troll around on Flickr looking at inspiration photos. I've discovered many artists that I may not have come across otherwise so I thought I'd introduce you to them. This mosaic shows some of art quilt/embroidery pieces that I really enjoy.

You can find the link to the original photo numbered below the mosaic so stop on by and take a look at the other things they have up on their sites.

1. Remnant #3 - Detail2. Space Spores in Search of the Perfect Martini , 3. Color Study: Strip 2 ~ 2003, 4. dqs8 two sweet bunbuns + bunting, 5. YIP 365.45 :: Mini Quilt Monday, 6. 2008 Calendar Quilt (detail), 7. finished quilting, 8. Jewel Squares, 9. The Big Log, 10. YIP 365.121 :: Patchwork Scarf, 11. Thread Sketch 4, 12. joy detail, 13. Mini Art Quilt Detail, 14. workingman's quilt, 15. Hawthorns on Walkers Hill 1, 16. so...i think i love you. [embroidery]


Leann said...

"Space spores in search of the perfect martini" is the best name for a piece of artwork, ever.(It's a great piece, too)

wlstarn said...

#8 reminds me of your Babette blanket somehow.

Kim Hambric said...

Way too much good stuff!

I will not go to Flicr. I will NOT. If I do, I will be sucked in, never again to rejoin the world.