22 June 2010

dream time graffiti collages

Printing my own fabric has become an addiction. I find that it seems to fall into two categories: fabric to use as a background that can be built upon or fabric that does not benefit from anything but being allowed to just be what it is.

The fabric used in this series is the latter.

I've experimented many different ways with how to use it and there isn't a single thing that I added to it that did anything to enhance it. Its determined to stand on its own. And who am I to argue?

So I present to you the first three pieces in the dream time graffiti collage series. They are fabric collages (no stitching) mounted on an 8"x8" canvas that has been wrapped in black fabric. They have a sawtooth hanger on the back so its ready to go up on the wall. The canvas is 3/4" deep.

All three of these are available for purchase. They are $35 each (this includes priority mail shipping in the U.S.) If you are interested in purchasing one, please email me at FibraArtysta@earthlink.net.

dream time graffiti 1

collection of Cathy M. Winter


dream time graffiti 2


dream time graffiti 3


Here is a side view to see how the canvas will look when its hung:


mary said...

very cool!

Jean Baardsen said...

Love them! Great colors and patterns!

Anonymous said...

Lynn, I LOVE what you did with your screen prints! I remember that you weren't very happy with them! Wonderful job letting them work together! Debi Goddess of Flame

wlstarn said...

very nice!

Kim Hambric said...

These are all wonderful. I love how you have used the fabric -- not sewn like you would expect fabric to be, not quite like paper -- more like a separate medium.

Leann said...

Wonderful, Lynn. You've been working!

Sea Air Arts - Deb H said...

I love them!