27 June 2010

help fight breast cancer with a ninja kick

My very kind and talented friend Kate (the one and only plushie creator of the fabulous Oma's Patch) is doing a wonderful thing and I wanted to share it with you all.

In addition to her signature Oma Dolls and Pixies, she also makes ninja plushies. They are way cool. (I think they look a bit suspicious as well they should, they are ninjas after all.)

She has assembled a special task force (shown above) to help fight breast cancer. These cute little ninjas (the solid pink ones are sporting special pink hand dyed fabric and embroidered ninja stars for extra fighting power and the ones with the white bodies have received their pink belts, a little known special level of skill never before revealed to the general public) are ready to kick breast cancer's butt all over the place but they need your help.

For every pink ninja plushie that finds its way out of her shop and into a new home, Kate is donating $5 to help support the Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walk for the Cure.

In addition to their special powers, they also have a soft side (literally). Kate is meticulous about making sure that her toys are child friendly. I have to tell you, these guys are real cuties. (Don't tell them I said that though, they like to exude their tough exteriors. They are ninjas after all.)

You can see the whole task force in her shop.

If you're inclined, please help Kate raise funds for this event. Its such an important cause and she's made it fun and easy for us to help out.

Hope a ninja finds its way into your home! :)

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