06 June 2010

where i stand sunday

Creating my own fabric is what pulls me back to fiber art every time. Layering, painting, screen printing, letting the images build in an unconscious kind of freedom is what embeds the energy that defines this medium for me.

Where I Stand is an ongoing photo essay examining the different places I spend my life standing. Too often we take for granted the everyday places we spend our lives walking on. The ground we tread on has its own stories to tell. (The project is now in Year Three. Year Three will feature artwork inspired by that week's Where I Stand photo as well as the photo that inspired it. Year One and Year Two can be found here.)


Leann said...

Something oddly familiar about that fabric, very cool!

Jean Baardsen said...

Are those socks that you dyed? They go well with the fabric!

Approachable Art said...

Very cool, looking forard to following this new journey. :D