03 June 2010

packing fool

I know the blog has been quiet and kind of boring and I apologize for that. I have a good reason for that, though. See that big old pile of surface design goodness shown above?

Its heading out with me on Saturday for a day of demos for the fiber art group I belong to, Running with Scissors. We plan to fling paint around with abandon (or not, we sort of want to be allowed back at the hotel; we'll fling carefully).

We're going to work our way through gelatin plate printing, thermofax screen printing and soy wax batik. I'll do a little demo (and maybe a little dance) and then set them loose to try out the technique. I can't wait, these ladies are really fun and energetic and I'm so looking forward to seeing what they do with each technique.

Speaking of the group, we now have a blog.

We've had a website for some time but to be honest with you, the group is so incredibly active its impossible to keep up with what everyone is doing. I have to brag a little - we've got a lot of really talented people. We've been published and exhibit constantly and sell in all kinds of venues. So I figured a blog would be a good way to coral everything into one spot. We'll also be doing a member profile each month so everyone can get to know the members. If you're inclined, stop on by from time to time and see what we are up to. The blog is still very young so there isn't a lot up there yet but we'll be building it up.

I still have some packing left to do for saturday (how could it be possible?). I'm thinking I should invent some studio fairies. The could do such things as pack for retreats, sew sleeves and labels on the backs of quilts and thread my needles for me. Something to think on...

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