18 March 2010

sun puddles, hostas and bugs

While spring is definitely the worst season transition for my allergies and back issues, its by far the most dramatic and impossible not to love. I rank autumn as my favorite time of the year but even then, the changes get integrated far more slowly. But spring? Spring isn't shy, its everywhere you look. Here's how I'm seeing it in my corner of the world:

1. Little man is enjoying his sun napping:

(He is cuddling against his teddy here.) I particularly like the way he has his butt in the sun puddle but his eyes are in the shadows. There is a method to his madness...

2. The hosta garden is making itself known:

I love these perennials. They are like the Tony Sopranos of the plant world. You can run them over with the lawn mower, be sporadic about their watering schedule, and situate them nearly anywhere (shade, sun, part sun) and they just keep on trucking. We have quite the variety and some are simply prehistoric looking their leaves are so huge.

3. I'm doing battle with the box elder bugs again. Today I chased one around the faucet knobs with a gigantic wad of paper towel and laughed maniacally as I knocked it into the sink, washed it into the drain and flipped on the garbage disposal. (Yes, I have issues.)

4. I've been driving with this open:

And the sunsets seem clearer:

5. I resurrected an old knitting project:

(What's this got to do with spring? Not sure but I attribute it to all the cleaning and tidying I've been doing so its sort of related.) I tried bringing this one back to life not long ago but just couldn't get into the groove with it. But for some reason, I've fallen madly in love with it again and have been plodding away on it nearly every day.

Its Anne Hanson's Stonewall stole. I'm doing the petite size and I'm using Noro's sock yarn. Extremely posh stuff.

In my defense, its 91 stitches on the needle and a 16 row repeat. So that means I have to do 1,456 stitches for about two inches of stole. (Math is evil sometimes.) Once I figured that out I didn't feel so bad about moving at the speed of mud.

I've not been getting as much time in the studio as I would like, life has been obnoxiously getting in the way. But I should get some good time this weekend so hopefully I'll be able to complete some more tops for future stitching. I'd like to have ten total ready to go.

Hope spring is putting on a lovely display where you are as well!


Yarnhog said...

I love spring. By far my favorite season, despite the lack of necessity for knitted sweaters. In one of my other incarnations, I am an avid gardener, so that probably explains it.

Dearly love the pic of Dooley. Sophie is a sun wh*re. Every morning she waits by the sliding door to the patio until someone opens it, then races out and throws herself down on the sunny patch on the deck.

Jean Baardsen said...

That knitting is gorgeous! Hope you're enjoying working on it again. Dooley is irresistible as usual!