13 March 2010

rainy day random

1. We have graduated from snowy and grey to rainy and grey:

Luckily I am not one of those people who is bothered by all the dreariness. While I appreciate the sun, having incredibly pale skin does not make it my friend. If today was dry, I would consider it lovely.

2. This is consuming much of my time:

For a few years now I've been wanting to redo my bedroom. Its a small room but the implications of doing this creates a cascade effect of other things that need to happen in the house. Between the fact that it is a tremendous amount of work and I had several major life changes going on, it just wasn't a priority.

But now? Now its just getting on my nerves something royal. I feel like I'm living in a dorm room and it just needs to be fixed. There is some furniture in other rooms that pre-dates me so that will be hauled away at the end of next week so that I can shuffle out the random pieces living in my bedroom that just don't belong there.

After that, painting will happen (that green soooooo has to go away). Probably not for a couple of months so that we can do it during a season when its reasonable to leave the windows open all the time. But its going to happen and this makes me all giddy. I've got a chair rail in the room so I'm thinking of a deeper orange on the bottom and an ivory on the top so the artwork I hang will show up better. Any thoughts?

3. Because I'm tearing apart several areas in the house, I've created a trail of misery across several rooms. This includes my studio and its making me grumpy. I've got things to work on and I've not mustered the courage to spend any reasonable amount of time in there to clean it up enough to work.

So I've been picking on my yarn UFOs. Luckily I have plenty to keep me occupied (see? I was having foresight by stockpiling them for events just like this one.) Here is one that I finished yesterday and decided to block today:

Its a simple crochet scarf from sock yarn. Gotta say that I'm loving the way that fine yarn worked up in crochet. And because I couldn't leave it alone, I added picots all around the edge. I pretty much exhausted my pin stash pinning all of those suckers out.

I have to admit that I don't always block my scarves. Usually I just give them a wash and call it good. But this guy developed a wave that I wasn't loving. Plus blocking it was the only way I could really get those picots to really stand out. I'll get a better shot of it once its dry.

4. I got my new postcards in the mail yesterday:

I'm out of business cards so I needed to get something to take along with me to Open Studios next month.

I was a little undecided as to whether or not I wanted more business cards (I normally do Moo Mini Cards) or if I wanted to do a postcard. I decided to go with the latter this time around. I'm finding that I personally hang on to postcards more often because they often contain larger or more images of the artists' work.

I'm pretty happy with how these came out. Someone asked me which service I like and I use Overnight Prints. I find the color quality to be pretty much spot on and the card stock is really nice. Plus they do matte cards, I'm not a huge fan of the shiny glossy finish. Just a word of warning - most of the stuff on their site is not produced overnight (I learned that one the hard way). I think the only two things that actually get run that way are standard size one sided postcards and standard size one sided business cards. But if you can wait, its worth it. Quality stuff.

5. Just because I haven't posted a picture of him in a while, here's Dooley love:

He asks that you forgive the somewhat aloof attitude he has here. I woke him up from a nap and he just wasn't in a posing mood. But little man got a spring haircut (I tell him its his spring cleaning, he doesn't appreciate the joke) and he's looking mighty cute. He's returned to his nap is happily snoring away.

That's all I've got. I do have to say that now that winter has gone away, there seems to be more energy in the air. Which is good, I'll need something to help keep me moving through all the projects I've got up in the air right now.

Hope spring is springing where you are as well!


Yarnhog said...

I know exactly what you mean about renovations creating a trail of misery. Re-doing a room never affects just that room. But you'll feel so much better when it's all pretty and cleaned up! I love redecorating; the smell of fresh paint just makes me joyful.

Jean Baardsen said...

I really like the postcard! I like that better than business cards. I've lost track - what is it you'll be doing at Open Studios?

Leann said...

I love the idea of the dark orange. Have you thought of making that orange lighter, and getting the yellow out of it, perhaps a nice pink...

BJ Parady said...

I just saw some Moo regular size business cards--very nice quality. The person who had them gotten about 10 images, and so was able to give a set as a mini-portfolio, too. But they are pricey. I have postcards, that's good. Thinking of bookmarks next time so they get kept. Not sure.