28 March 2010

the end is near

This Tuesday to be exact.

What end do I speak of? The end of the incredible mess I have created in my house in order to move some furniture home.

Today I tortured my studio and I think that was the final straw. I want to move these (pardon the floating white circles of creepiness over the ironing board. It was part of the piece I'm working on to enter in Quilt National and I obey their rules, no lookey lookey):

into here:

which meant I had to take every single thing that was on or near it and move it to the other side of the studio which now looks like this:

Granted, I know where to put everything back but its not the point. I'm tired of pulling this room apart and putting it back together. The really positive thing from this tear up is that I'm gaining storage space in the spare bedroom. So a lot of this is going to go away from this room and be stored until I really need it. But it will be accessible. I've considered moving things into the basement but I know myself - the phrase "out of sight out of mind" describes me to a tee. It has to be reasonably visible or I won't remember its there until it turns into some kind of bazaar science experiment capable of growing legs and walking into my bedroom at night to smother me in my sleep.

Yeah, I'm getting punchy. What's it to ya?

Yesterday I fled the mess and hauled two new pieces of work to the day retreat organized for the fiber art group I belong to. I got one completed there:

(Incredibly lousy photo, I'll get a proper one tomorrow.) And I finished the second one today. So amongst the chaos I am still working - which adds to the irritation because I dare you to venture into that side of my studio and find the freakin' embroidery needle I really needed earlier.

Yeah, not so brave after all, are ya? (Me either. I looked at the pile, whimpered and backed away.)

But its why the blog has been so quiet. I just don't think you all want to listen to "Well, I moved this out of the way today. And then I decided that while the movers were going to be in the house anyway, that I would pack this up and have them take it into the basement. And then I decided to...."


I should be more interesting (and far less grumpy) by mid next week. Hang in there with me, things will be more active again soon...

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Yarnhog said...

You're almost there! You'll be so much happier and more productive once everything is organized and at hand.