02 March 2010

seems to multiply in groups

Ever noticed that when you hang out with art friends you are more productive?

I've been realizing this lately. Seems so much easier to get into the groove of things and really get going on projects. When I got the invite to go up north this past weekend to do just that, I jumped on it.

After a three hour drive on Friday, I was sitting at what ended up being the group's work table with this view:

The cabin sits right on the lake and despite my desperate dread of water, I found the view stunning and incredibly relaxing. I suspect I'll still find it just as charming even when the snow and ice are gone (I'm still not going in it, though.)

We hunkered down and went to work almost right away. (I'm missing photos of Leann and Jane's work. You can catch a glimpse of their's on Leann's blog. Know that is is amazing. Jane would take a piece of paper and in the time it took me to draw a line down one of my journal pages, she produced an origami box. Incredible stuff.)

Sidney created this assemblage box:

I love the vibe on this, its so cool.

Cathy was focused on creating a costume for a play that she is participating in. Here she is modeling it:

They are based off this video and let me tell you, it was impossible to have any kind of serious conversation with her while she was making these. She'd start talking about something and then you'd look up and she'd be wiggling into it. She did a fantastic job on them!

Steph combined her dollmaking and assemblage and made this piece:

She's making a companion piece to it. Both are wonderful, very expressive. She does a great job with the cloth dolls (they take a skill that I don't possess) and it was fun to watch her put it together. Girl's got talent.

Leann brought up some round blank watercolor paper for us to paint mandalas. Here are the ones that Steph and Cathy did:

Plus Steph painted this tree:

She was digging the watercolors.

By now you're probably wondering if I bothered to do anything or if I just started at everyone. Yeah, I brought my art journal to work on and became obsessed with it. I did bring two other things but didn't even bother with them. I think the art journals may be a new obsession, I have ideas for several more.

I wasn't real sure if I was going to write on the pages or just collage the snot out of them. But once I filled in a page with writing, I knew it had to go that way. It really completes the page. I don't really want to use them as private journals because people want to read the things and I don't blame them (I do the same thing). So I'm just going to write random stories in them, it'll be good to keep the writing exercises going since I've become sort of sporadic with that.

Here are a couple more views:

I still have a lot to do. (The extremely bright yellow page in the first photo really bugs me. Its nearly neon in person. I don't know what I was thinking. I'll probably do some kind of wash on it to change it.) Some of the collage elements are still far to obvious, meaning I need to integrate them more so they blend better and become more altered versions. But its certainly getting there.

I had a great time and I'm so grateful for the dedicated time to work.

I did some spring cleaning earlier today and after I'm done with this I'm heading up to my studio. The solid fabrics I ordered to do the free form piecing came in the mail while I was away and the stack of colors made me all giddy. I want to dig in and start making stuff.

Speaking of spring, I think Michigan is finally starting to consider it. Things are melting and the birds don't look nearly as grumpy as they did a few weeks ago. Pretty soon I'll be able to go for walks which will be so nice.

Okay, off to the studio...time to start producing...


FunkyC said...

....and I'm just finishing a left over bottle of Woodchuck.

It nearly came out my nose when I scrolled to my picture in the costume.

Thanks for that ;)

Anonymous said...

So glad you had a great weekend with friends...as did I!

mary said...

looks like you all had a great time and see no worries the water was froze over!