23 March 2010

435 results found

I'd love to say that the reason the blog has been a little quiet is because I've been working like a mad scientist in my studio...but that would make me a dirty liar.

I've sort of been consumed by the rearrangement of the house. I'm moving home a storage unit (which has been appropriately parred down to the essentials) and its prompted a tear up of more then I imagined. Truth be told, I'm totally sick of it in every way.

But this time next week, the big move will be done and all that will be left will be for me to neatly arrange everything in its proper little place. (This makes me happy in a slightly hysterical way so its probably a good thing that the project is nearing its end.)

What this has done is created a little bit of standstill in the studio since I've decided to take advantage of movers being in the house and do a little bit of moving in there as well. Its going to make a huge difference. Once that's done, I can work like a demon.

In the meantime I've been dragging some of the tops I managed to get done (before I went into the tear up full force) down to the living room so I can keep stitching. Some of them are earmarked for entries into shows so really, time is a-wasting.

I've also changed my mind on the color scheme for my bedroom. (This shouldn't be a big shock.) I keep seeing combinations of white and very pale grey on the home improvement shows and it looks incredibly soothing. Never in a million years did I ever think I'd go completely neutral but I've collected a lot of artwork and it would be nice if the wall didn't clash with them.

I visited a couple online paint sites, typed in the word "white" and got strange answers like "435 results found."

Foolishness. Silly websites. Couldn't be correct. So off I toddled to Home Depot and back home I toddled with this:

That's a small pile of the variety of whites and greys and neutrals they offered.

Does this seem way more complicated then it needs to be? Paint samples with names like "glacier white" are pale blue, not white. Just like "oyster shell" is pale pink, not white. Impostor colors! They are there just to confuse people! Some person in a little cubicle at the paint company drank way too much coffee and is misnaming colors just to screw with us!

Sorry...little outburst there...

I think its time to step away from the paint chips and go back to my embroidery needle. I'm working on the finishing touches for the current 12 Connected challenge and am actually using hot pink embroidery thread on it.

I know.

Check the sky, make sure it hasn't fallen...


kathy n said...

If I can do hot pink, so can you...can't wait to see the work!

janice said...

Well I looked and the sky hasn't fallen; however we have had sun much of the last several days -- in Michigan in March. On another note have you ever noticed how many brown paints have pink undertones when you start diluting them? I found out as I was working on your book and trying to use colors I thought you would like. It's a challenge.