18 July 2009

deadbeat blogger

Hello, my name is Lynn and I am a deadbeat blogger.

Seriously, a whole week since the last post? Sheesh....

Time seems to just run away from me lately. Especially when I'm pulling OT at work. This weekend is busy as well as Cathy is in town and we are spending today and tomorrow just being stupid. (Gotta do that sometimes, its good for the soul to laugh until you feel like you are going to pee.)

Last night was the opening reception for the 2008 Breaking Traditions show at the 212 Arts Center in Saline Michigan. Super nice venue, incredibly fantastic people running the place. I have many photos to show you but am about to run out the door again so I'll have to do that another day.

But I met a new-to-me artist there last night named Karen who does absolutely phenomenal needle felting. (Be sure to follow the link on her name to check out her new blog.) With her permission, I present to you her felted eyeball hat:

I love this! My only regret is that I didn't get a shot of it when someone was modeling it. Gives new meaning to the idea of "eyes in the back of your head"!

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More soon...


Anonymous said...

oh so now your having PMP moments :) See I know what you mean! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...
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