03 July 2009

Bloggiversary giveaway winner!

Sorry guys, this was supposed to be posted yesterday, wasn't it? I told you I was having an attack of the lazies. Actually, this was a case of forgetfulness. (If I'm not at work and constantly date stamping things a hundred times in an eight hour period I tend to forget what day it is.)

Anyway, I trucked on over to the Random Number Generator and asked it to tell me who the winner of this magazine is and it gave me number 20.

Which makes LorraineS the winner! (Note that there were two comments from the same person and it only counts as one entry so Lorraine is the 20th commenter.)

Congrats Lorraine! Send me your address at FibraArtysta@earthlink.net and the magazine will be on its way to you.

Thanks to everyone for wonderful comments, I had a great time reading them and you're all just great! :)

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