10 July 2009

and then there was one

Many things happened today: (1) I had the day off work (which means I don't feel like my life force has been sucked out), (2) I went to the cross stitch store and came back with another pattern (believe me, you should be proud, it was like a cross stitch mecca at that store) - which lead to the next thing - (3) guilt kicked in that I have so many unfinished projects.

Plus there is another medium I'm going to branch out into, its been on my mind for a long while now. I finally ordered the supplies yesterday. I'll blog about that when I've experimented with it - I'm determined to master it and fold it into my repertoire.

I would say thing #3 was the most powerful motivator today. It resulted in this:

Behold, Babette #1.

The camera is totally a liar about how dark the border colors are. That last few rounds look black in the photo, not sure why. They are blue and olive green in reality. (Actually, all the colors seem off in the photos. My camera is incredibly crabby tonight, I may have to smack it.)

I noticed some rippling around the edges when I laid it out. I think its the acrylic yarn, it seems to have stretched more then I anticipated. But honestly? I don't mind it at all. Its meant to be used and enjoyed and all in all I'm happy with it. And you know what? When its laying across your lap you don't notice it one bit.

And being enjoyed it is:

Mom asked when I'm going to start #2. I rolled my eyes at her. For the moment it can languish in its swanky little clear plastic tub under my work table in my studio. Trust me, its quite comfortable there.

I'm currently struggling with the itch to try new things. I find myself poking around on the internet looking at different types of art I've never considered before. I'm especially being pulled toward more historic type things (hence the cross stitch samplers). I guess I just want to change things up for a bit.

But I can at least check Babette #1 off the list. And let me tell you, that feels g-o-o-d.


mary said...

horray for the finishing of the first of monster afghans!!!
i need to go to rocking horse soon
maybe even today? i dunno i am kind of scared to go in there you never get out of there without spending more than you thought AND getting another project!

Yarnhog said...

Yay! Congratulations on finishing it! And I may add, it is GORGEOUS. (Besides, Dooley likes it, and what more could you ask?)

Anonymous said...

Babette is gorgeous, congrats on finishing her! I totally appreciate and understand your desire for "historical" things affliction.

Leann said...

Beautiful! And Dooley is the perfect model!

Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo!!!! congrats on finishishing this one!

Kim Hambric said...

It turned out beautifully. I keep thinking I would like to create something like this one day. But, whew, I don't think I'm up for all of that.

Naner Lady said...

Congrats on finishing such a large piece. Very Cool!