18 January 2009

a year's review of artwork

I've seen these mosaics on several other blogs and I always kind of just cringe when I see them. I never really think I make much in the course of a year, mostly because my interests are all over the place, especially now that I've added writing into the mix. Seems like there are always so many options of what I can be doing that I never really think I've done all that much.

Deb did a mosaic on her new blog and I decided to go ahead and see if I could find enough stuff to make one too. (Of course, I am no where near what she and Kat have done for the year. Holy cow, those two make me tired just reading their blogs, its amazing.)

I scrounged up 27 photos, not bad. (I know the mosaic shows 28 but a duplicate snuck in there and I was too darn lazy to go yank it out. If you click on the whole thing it gets way bigger.) There may have been a few other things here and there but this is what I had pictures of. I think its a fairly nifty tool, it really puts things into perspective.

I'm hoping to do more this year. If you want to do one too, go here. Its a nifty little tool.


Kat Campau said...

Lynn, your work looks happy.

Anonymous said...

Makes a great mosaic, beautiful!

michele said...

I love this. A retrospective of a years work is an excellent idea, both for yourself and for fans. Thank you for sharing.