17 January 2009

ok seriously, enough already...

You know, I've come to accept a pretty wide range of neurotic weather behavior living in Michigan my whole life.

And I even handled the whole -20F temperature thing with a fair amount of grace (which translates to minimal swearing).

But now its snowing...sideways.

Its coming down at a fairly impressive clip, has been all day, and every time I let Dooley out for potty I'm sure I'm going to get frostbite on the spot. (Strangely enough it does not deter little man. He doesn't mind the snow or the frigid temperatures. In fact, he'll linger outside to play in this weather. It still amazes me.)

Hey Mother Nature, if you're listening...we cry uncle already! Go play with some other states now, I think you've tortured us plenty for a while.


Yarnhog said...

Meanwhile, it was 75 degrees here today, which was a nice break from the 80 degrees we had two days ago.

Gisela Towner said...

Kindly do NOT send Mother Nature-in-law in my direction.
Damn -- too late!

Dianna in Maui said...

We had a "snow day" on Friday in Hawaii - "snow" meaning winds expected to be in the 60-70MPH range. They closed all of the schools and the state and county offices. Told everyone to stay off the roads. Winds peaked at about 40. Our officials are scraping the egg off their faces, but we are enjoyed the extra day off!