01 January 2009


Mom was admiring my pile of blocks today for the Babette Blanket. I'm nearly done with the six-round squares and then I can move on to the final eleven squares.

Mom then asked me how big it will be. So I grabbed the pattern and rattled off 43" wide by 40" long. We decided that was a nice size.

But then I started looking at the pattern a bit more. To be honest, as soon as I had it memorized I set it aside and just held onto the page that says what color sequence to work the blocks in.

Had I paid closer attention, I would have noticed that Koigu yarn (the suggested yarn) uses a 3.5mm crochet hook. Vanna White yarn (that I am using) uses a 6mm hook.

Ummm....I apparently was focused more on the finished product then paying attention to silly things like the size of the yarn used to make the thing.

I am crocheting the King Kong version of the Babette Blanket.

I have a few options. Help me pick one:

1) Stop now and put together what I have done. This however, reduces the charm of the pattern since all the various square sizes adds visual interest.

2) Keep going, finish all the squares and drop-kick logic to the side and just put them all together. We're looking at something around an 80" square. I am 5'2". Mom is 4'11". Dooley is barely 1' high. There is no one in this house sufficiently tall enough to benefit from something that large.

3) Again, keep going and finish them all and make two blankets. Or one blanket plus pillow shams. Or one blanket and thirty scarves. Or one blanket and enough coasters to use at a bar on a friday night.

Which would you do?

I'm digging this thing, just don't need one that is big enough to use as an area rug in the living room.

I made an oops-y.


kathy n said...

definitely keep going. Then make a blanket of the size of your choice and another smaller one for Dooley (because he already covets it). Whatever's left should be put in a box with the pattern and any leftover yarn, to be left in the basement or attic of the house, so when you leave/die, the future owner can find it and be similarly inspired.

Yarnhog said...

Make two. Give one to your mom, keep one for yourself.

SplendiferousFiber said...

Large bedspread?
King size maybe and long enough to touch the floor??
I get the impression that your quilts are MUCH smaller, so this could be your big opportunity to cover an entire bed (and it would be washable).

terry t said...

Make Two! How often do we want to give as a gift a wonderful project but still wish we could keep it... problem solved!

Barbara H. said...

How big is your bed? LOL
We have a Cal King, and some day I actually want to crochet something fabulous that will cover it. Do what your heart tells you to do. I like the idea of putting the pieces together to the size you really want, and then do something creative with the rest (another blanket, shams, doggie blankie, etc.). There are no mistakes in needlework...just new design opportunities! ;)

Gisela Towner said...

If it were me, I'd make all the blocks and make the big blanket. I would love to wrap up in a snuggly blanket like that on a cold winter evening. It's not that big, really.
Srsly, a crib blanket is about 36 X 48.
Not enough for even shorter people to really snuggle up in! :)

Judy said...

I just love that blanket. I would make one blanket and shams, or two blankets. Heck, I think half of the fun is in the process, so keep going and then assemble it in a manner that pleases you.
I'm glad that you are making it and can't wait to see you post some pics.

FunkyC said...

Ummm....Lynnnnn....do you see the irony of you using yarn from Vanna?

I vote for the bar coaster option. I'll help pass them out.

michele said...

I vote for the #3 option, make 2. One for you, one for your mom. What a joyous oopsie!