24 January 2009

fiber and ice

Its turning out to be quite the artful weekend.

Last night Mary and I went out to the opening reception at the 212 Arts Center in Saline, Michigan for our friend Kat's new solo show, Color Therapy. Kat has a very whimsical sense and all of her work is extremely fun. It was really exciting to see all her new work in one place. Well done Kat!

I, of course, forgot to bring my camera with me. But luckily other people were more together then me. You can see pictures of her show here, here and here. Really awesome stuff.

This morning when I left the house to run errands, I remembered that the Plymouth Ice Festival is on this weekend so I decided to swing by and take a quick look. I admit that I don't always go since walking around in really cold temperatures looking at things that are even colder then I am doesn't always thrill me. But I figured what the heck and went (and remembered the camera this time).

The sculptures were impressive - and a couple of them were a wee bit sarcastic (which I totally loved).

Its kind of hard to tell in this picture but this poor sculpture is attempting to make a fire. It doesn't seem to care that doing so would pretty much signal the end of its very existence, its too cold. (What does it mean when ice thinks its too cold? That might be a bad sign...)

Here is an attempt to deny winter all together and bring about warmer temperatures through sheer willpower alone.

A marriage proposal in ice...I thought this was sweet. It was at the base of a really huge sculpture, kind of hidden. (I took a picture of the whole thing but the sun did its thing when it shone through the ice and turned into a blinding spotlight of burning lasers so needless to say, it didn't turn out.)

I liked this moose, I thought he looked friendly.

And it was nice to see our new president in attendance.

I've not gotten out and about much to see different things since I hurt my back last July so it was nice to tool around and finally get to see some of the going ons.

But now I'm home where its warm and Dooley dog is snoring. So I'm going to go knit. Its warm and doesn't involve anything being frozen which is pretty much a bonus right now.


Yarnhog said...

I'm sure it was awfully cold, but those ice sculptures are amazing! We have sand sculpture competitions here.

Anonymous said...
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