30 January 2009

the definition of irony

Not too long ago Mary showed me a new magazine she had just discovered. Its a funny and witty and very entertaining quilt publication. Its Quilter's Home from Mark Lipinski. So when she sent me a link to Mark's blog today, I was really surprised by what I found there.

In the most recent issue of the magazine, there is an article dealing with art quilts that have provoked controversy when they were exhibited at different quilt shows. Mark offers a very good description of the article on his blog. (You may have to click the blog link found in the menu bar at the top of the page.)

Jo-Ann Fabric and Crafts has banned the most current issue due to this article.

They are censoring a magazine because its discussing art quilts that have been banned or censored for one reason or another.

Does anyone see the irony in this?

I have to say that I am really appalled by this. Especially from a store that so many art quilters go to to buy their supplies from.

I may not always agree with the subject of an art piece or an essay or a debate or a movie. But what I will always agree with is your right to stand up and talk about it. I guess I'm still naive enough to be surprised by Jo-Ann Fabric's decision.

I say keep making the controversial art that makes people stutter and think. Rock on.


mary said...

not surprised at their decision at all having worked for them as long as i did....very conservative place.
i love mark's magazine and i am a member of his yahoo group.
rock on mark i think i will now have to subscribe!

Yarnhog said...

Well, you can console yourself with the knowledge that the best way to draw a whole lot of attention to something is to ban it.

Kim Hambric said...

Jo-Ann is Wal-Mart with fabric. Yarnhog is right, Jo-Ann will draw more attention to this magazine. I'll have to have a look.

Barbara H. said...

I'm sure there must be a letter writing campaign to the corporate office. I'd love to tell Jo-Ann's what I think of their corporation. Very often being banned is a good thing! As an art quilter who loves controversial art and who hates censorship, I am going to rethink shopping at Jo-Ann's now. It will be easier since they just closed the one in my town!