31 March 2008

She was right

Hey Jackie? You were right... This here "organization" I've got going?

...was maybe not the best idea I've ever had.

My back has decided to exercise its right over me to torture me, thus reminding me once again who is boss. As annoying as it all is, I'm happy its decided to have a cranky fit now rather then waiting for IQF. (This is not to say it won't pitch a fit there as well but usually it only kicks my butt this badly every so often. Guess I'm stuck with it until they start selling new spines so there's not much use whining about it.) It does, however, limit my activities to whatever I can manage to do while laying down with a pillow under my knee.

I decided that I would root through my bins today to pick out the rest of the embellishments for the Open Stuidos quilts. And that's when the realization started to sink in about what I had done to myself...

I pushed things around that damn bin for an hour, would find something I liked, couldn't find its twin (or triplet, or quadruplet) and then would decide to look for something else that had multiple siblings. While searching for the new object, I would find another of the first embellishment and grumble. Push things around more, poke myself on something sharp that would not identify itself, swear and repeat. Over and over.

I have these little clear zippy bags that I had bought for some purpose long since forgotten and had dug them out to help organize my bits for each quilt. Yeah well, they have started organizing the bins as well. I didn't do them all but started several bags (I'm wondering why I have 17 glass fish beads and about 30 jingle type bells) and was actually able to finish pulling stuff for the quilts.

All I kept thinking the entire time was "Jackie was right." And she is, I had a brain stall when I did this. But I can say that I am happy I have the habit of picking up odds and ends on my travels even if I don't know what it will be used for later on. I found some beads that match the center panel in this quilt perfectly. I probably wouldn't have been able to do that if I tried.

So now I'm kind of giving the bins the evil eye. I propped the clear baggies up next to the stand and when I return home from Chicago (or sooner since the obsessive compulsive Virgo-ness of me is now kicking in) I can start to straighten the mess out.

Hey Jackie? Want to come organize some bins?


Anonymous said...

Okay, so I like to organize my art supplies. That is about the only thing I like to organize. Honestly, the main reason I do it is to find what I want and get it put away as quickly as possible before my boys discover it. Because if they did get into my stuff, there would be beads, threads and whatever else scattered all over the house.


homemakerkate said...

I love the Where I Stand photo idea, and the insight into your life. I laughed so hard at your tips to get started. We work very much alike. LOL! hugs Kate
ps am originally from Royal Oak, back in the day.