18 March 2008


Okay, I will publicly admit that I watch American Idol. Its not the type of viewing in which I will make sure that I am not doing anything when its on so I can dedicate my attention to it but if its on, I'll look at it.

I've been interested in it this week and last week because its McCartney/Lennon songs. Last week I got kind of twitchy when the 17-year-old boy said, "I'd never really heard any songs by the Beatles..."


And just now (its currently on) a blond chicky (who completely slaughtered a song last week by turning it into some completely bizarre bouncy country thing - which I don't mind country so don't yell - that really sounded like she was hopped up on crack) just gave this an excuse as to why her performances have been less then stellar this week and last: "This whole Beatles thing is new to me."

I'm not understanding this...how can you possibly live on the planet earth and NOT KNOW WHO THE BEATLES ARE????

Here, let me help: read this.

My mom is a complete Beatles junkie and she played them constantly when I was growing up. (In fact so much that I hid her favorite tape when I was in high school because I couldn't take it anymore. Sorry, mom.)

For the love of God people, if you have children, play the Beatles and teach them who they are. They are such an icon, they are what music is about.

To think there is a whole generation out there who don't know who they are makes me all twitchy (and totally not in a good way.) Do what you have to. Download Beatles songs and put them on their ipods when they aren't looking. Play it in the car and perform sing-a-longs. Tie them to a chair and play every single song they ever wrote.

Do it now. Go, play the Beatles and be merry. These words should never be heard again, "I've never really heard any Beatles songs...." What a sin.

P.S. A quick message to Heather Mills (just in case she reads this, which could happen, you never know):  I'm sticking my tongue out at you right now. 


Dianna in Maui said...

I had a friend in elementary school whose parents had *every* Beatles album there was. When we played together, she played their music. To this day, if a Beatles song comes on I can sing along with it and know nearly every word! Amazing how stuff like that sticks with you. I think it's also a testament to the fact that the Beatles made fab (ha ha) music!

deb said...

hey...I'm joining you in sticking my tongue out at Heather Mills. Rock on Paul McCartney!

Pattie said...

Me too, I can't believe there are peeps on this planet that haven't experienced the Beatles in one form or another...grrr. My daughter, 32, knows all those songs by heart, too! I made sure of it! If others only knew HOW MUCH their music influenced the world of music (and life in general, for me and mine)!!

Barbara H. said...

I did my job. My now grown kids know Beatles music. In fact, my almost 27-yr-old daughter has a beautifully framed huge art photo of the Beatles over her fireplace. We all adore them and their music. As for Heather Mills, I can only hope she will fade from the limelight and enjoy her easily won millions. Yeers to her!

Barbara H. said...

Sheesh, I meant "jeers" not yeers. I think I'm distracted by the fact that so many young kids don't know the Beatles. God, I feel old.

Leann said...

After having my sister-in-law ask me why I had a picture of George Lennon, I now make my friends name the Beatles, first and last, just to be sure my friends have at least s low level of coolarity!