09 March 2008

Me, chickens & sock yarn

Before I get into my rambling mode here, I’d like to announce the winner of last week’s giveaway: Pamela McKee. She guessed correctly, the colorway of this yarn is Olives & Pimentos. (Which is totally ironic since I’d rather starve then eat olives but what they heck. If its got pink in it, it may was well be named after a food I hate.)

Pamela – send me an email (FibraArtysta@earthlink.net) and let me know if I should mail you the magazines or if you will be at the next RWS meeting. Congrats!

This was the scene today at Chez Fibra Artysta. I came to the realization a couple weeks ago that if I wanted to keep knitting socks the way I currently am (meaning one from the yarn end in the center of the ball and one from the yarn end on outside of the ball so that both are being worked on at the same time), I will need to able to wind skeins into center pull cakes.

I am many things but I believe I lack the talent to do this on my own, so I went ahead and purchased a yarn swift (at 40% off through Joanns.com, woo!) and a winder. Today I decided that my activity would be to wind up some of the sock yarn I have so I can knit myself into a sock frenzy when the mood strikes.

I mostly just reinforced the fact that I am terribly easy to amuse. I found the swift to be great fun. Here, take a look:

Dooley, however, was not as impressed. The wood makes a strange squeaky noise that he didn’t like so he pretty much stood underneath the table and stomped his feet at me and chirped. Brat.

The yarn on the swift in the photos above is mom’s yarn, Frog in a Party Dress. So don’t go thinking I’ve given into the pink, these are gift socks. And just to prove that pink is totally the devil, it is the only skein that tangled and gave me trouble.

Its also the only skein with pink in it. I think I’ve proved my point.

So what’s the deal with the chickens? I saw these in a shop in downtown and thought they were the funniest looking things ever.

Mom got them for me last week when I was having a particularly bad day, just to cheer me up. It was a nice surprise. They sit on the coffee table next to my laptop and stare at me. Today they got to stare at yarn. They’re helpful.

Here they are guarding the completed wound yarn.

Hey Leann, notice that the yarn in the front is your’s. The yarn toward the back is from a sock yarn club I joined called Art Walk Sock Yarn Club. Its quite cool, the lady running it dyes up the yarn based on different famous paintings. This one is Vincent Van Gogh’s Almond Branches in Bloom. The colors are amazing and I’m torn between my next pair of socks being from that colorway or the one on the right.

The one on the right is from dkKnits over at Etsy. She’s kind of my new dealer, I love her colors, very inspiring. This one is called Mexican Monarch and is lots of dark with some really bright shots of gold and reds, just like the butterfly. I’m diggin’ it.

Sorry my life has become so dull lately that all I can do is babble about sock yarn. I imagine you all coming here to see what’s new and rolling your eyes when you see yarn in another post. (Either that or Leann is simply hitting the back and forward button on her browser thirty times a day to mess with my site counter.) I’m tired, dudes. That’s all I can say.

The work assignment is dragging on. And making me nervous. And making me stressed. So I’m going to go find something interesting to watch on TV and sack out with the Dooley dog for a little while. Then attempt to finish up my almost done socks.

Happy Sunday, everyone.


Cara said...

Dooley Dog is your key to de-stressing. People without animals do not know this.

I know this, as do my rabbit, two cats, two chickens(live ones) and one horse.

mary said...

i LOVE that yarn for mom....figures huh....well she and i both do like pink:)

Anonymous said...
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