02 March 2008

Another giveaway & ramblings that demonstrate how boring I am

Okay, straight off to the good stuff...here is the winner from the name my new doll book giveaway contest:

Harmonic Distortion

This slightly disturbing title was suggested by Mary Dyer and I think it pretty much sums up the whole thing. She said its an electrical term, which makes it even more fitting. Mary is getting a copy of Susanna Oryan's book, Designing the Doll.

So this week, I've got another giveaway. This time for these three magazines:

If you've never had the chance to look at an issue of Inspirations, you don't know what you're missing. These are truly the most beautiful thread art magazines on the planet. They are from Australia and feature all forms of hand embroidery from stumpwork to silk ribbon embroidery to goldwork and some stuff that I never even knew existed. Very cool magazines, you want these.

And here's all you need to do to win them. Guess the name of the colorway of my first pair of socks. (I know I've not mentioned it before because I didn't even know what it was until I came across the label the other day. So don't bother going back through the archives, you won't find it.) Since I figure most people aren't psychic, I'll make it multiple choice. So leave a comment on this post with your guess as to what the name is and everyone who guesses correctly will go into a random drawing for the magazines.

What's the name of the colorway of this yarn?

A) Fall Foliage
B) Olives & Pimentos
C) Antique Rose
D) Heart's Desire
E) Evil Pink Devil

You have until Saturday March 8 to take a stab at it. Good luck!

So why haven't I been blogging much? Well...because I've become boring as all hell. Get up, go to work, tear hair out, come home, cuddle westie, go to bed. Rinse and repeat.

I did manage to work on my socks a little bit. They are nearly to the toe. Look, here's proof:

They aren't really making me feel fat anymore since I'm going to have quite a bit of yarn left over. Realizing that I don't need 430 yards to cover these ginormous feet makes me feel better about the whole thing.

The most exciting thing I did this weekend so far was buy new pillows at Target yesterday after I got done with work. I know, you're jealous and are now running right out to experience the same joy that I did. Truth be told, it was kind of like shopping in a day care yesterday where everyone is way overtired and whiny. I swear to God, there were at least a dozen kids screaming and whining and driving their parents to the point that they actually whined back at them telling them to can it. It was an experience. Of course, what made me think going shopping on a saturday there would be relaxing just demonstrates how much of my brain has leaked out over the past three weeks.

Not sure what I want to do today. I was thinking of starting mom's socks (sorry Leann, she is first in line. She gave birth to me so she pretty much gets dibs on these sort of things.) but I don't have another set of needles to do so. I could go to the yarn store and buy some more but its really really really really really really really far away and its really really really really really really cold outside. Both of these things make me not want to go anywhere.

I watched the movie 300 last night. It worked Dooley up into a tizzy several times, he ran around barking and growling. (Which honestly sounds like a wind up toy that's stuck so its really not all that intimidating.) I liked the movie but the Spartan soldiers all wear this weird kind of speedo bikini uniform that sort of looks like gigantic diapers. I found it distracting and not entirely in a good way.

With that odd mental image, I'm going to go now and find something to do that doesn't require a lot of thought or physical activity. Happy Sunday everyone.


Anonymous said...

Hell, I'd a given birth to ya if I'd known it would get me sox sooner, I was old enough!

Anonymous said...

Antique Rose


Anonymous said...

If no one else is going to guess I will, Hmmmm, pretty sure you made up evil devil pink, but on the other side that might be the only way you'd buy pink is if it was named that. None the less, I'm going with a) fall foliage.
Leann, the anonymous, whose account is mad at her.

pamela mckee said...

Olives & Pimentos
Pam M