15 December 2007

Check out all the quilts from the 2007 Breaking Traditions exhibit!

All You Need is Love
Karen Musgrave

Every fall I curate an art quilt exhibit for the American Sewing Expo in Novi, Michigan. This year's exhibit was outstanding. The theme was Connections and the work that was sent in was so varied and it was amazing to see it all hanging in one place. The quilt above from Karen Musgrave, All You Need is Love, is one of the pieces that was exhibited.

Part of curating the exhibit includes creating an online gallery of all the work and posting it on my website.

I finished this year's gallery last night, and its awesome! While creating the webpages for it, I spent time with each piece reading the artist statement, really looking at the image and getting to know the work. It was really touching to me that so many people dug deep and sent in work that was extremely personal.

Please go look if you have the time. There are fifty-four quilts total, its a lot of art in one spot and an excellent opportunity to see the impact that art quilting has.

I am working on the pages for the 2008 exhibit. Breaking Traditions 2008 will be joining forces with Virginia Spiegel's Fiberart for a Cause. Its going to be very exciting! If you think you'd like to participate, please join the yahoo group because that's where the announcements all take place. (I do a general announcement to let people know the details are up once the webpages are published but further details are announced on the yahoo group.)

Again, thanks to all the artists that took the time to send in their work! You guys rock!

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