03 December 2007

In which I explore an unimportant topic...

I'm sure I'm not going to sound completely rational with this post but bear with me. Its not a wildly controversial topic, its nothing earth shattering, it probably doesn't even rank a 5 on the interesting scale.

But its bugging the hell out of me and there have to be others who see it at as well...

I, like many, am addicted to Project Runway on Bravo. I didn't see the first season but have watched every season since then. I am by no means a fashion plate (STOP that laughing) but I'm enthralled by the concept of having to come up with a design concept in 30 minutes, shop for all your materials in 45 and then have about a day and a half to make said object.

What impresses me most is the restraint of the designers. I think every time Heidi or Tim walked into the design room to throw a wrench into the challenge, I'd be hurling mannequins at them. Its a good thing the sewing machines are attached to the tables, those could be good weapons as well.

So I sit there week after week and feel for the contestants. I yell at the screen that so-and-so is a weenie (although I have to say my favorite designer so far this season is the hippie girl, she's so entertaining) or the rules that they just changed aren't fair. I think its the femal equivalent to what men do when they are watching a football game.

I even watch the re-runs. I know how they end and I don't care. I'll watch it anyway. Give me a marathon and I'm in hog heaven. Come on, don't go judging me now. This is fascinating stuff. As a designer by day and an artist by evening, my stomach turns into knots just trying to figure out what in the hell I would do. (And be glad I get more then 30 minutes to design your transmissions. That type of time restraint would be, shall we say, undesirable.)

I suppose it was inevitable that as the popularity of the show grows that there would be a spin-off of some type and here is where we get to the idiotic point of this post: Tim Gunn.

Before I ask you the question that is kicking around in my head, let me say that I think he is a lovely man. He seems very kind, he is really nice to the designers and he has a good sense of humor. All in all, there seems to be nothing to dislike and I do like him. So much in fact that I feel a bit twitchy for the rant that is coming but it can't be contained anymore...

He has been labeled a fashion guru. He now has his own show where he helps the fashion inept (ie, people like me) learn how to dress with a little more kick. But here is my question, dear readers: DOES IT BOTHER ANYONE ELSE THAT THE ONLY THING THE FASHION GURU EVER WEARS IS A FREAKIN' SUIT???

Its a suit. A suit! Nothing else!!! I've had it pointed out to me that they are expensive, well tailored suits. But I have a stronger point to counter that argument with: its a freakin' suit!!!

Come on, I know women's fashion has a little bit more flair to it then men's does, but can someone please give this man something else to wear?? He's a fashion expert for cryin' out loud! I had to close up a cut on my hand a couple weeks ago with butterfly stitches. Do you see me running around an ER waving a scalpel screaming "Bring me your injured! I can fix them!"? No! I say if you are an expert, then be more flexible, show us what you can do!!!

Okay, tantrum over. I apologize to Tim (and to you for having to listen to this.) Like I said, he's a nice fellow but for some inexplicable reason, this makes me twitch when I watch the show. If someone can explain this to me, I'd be grateful.

Told you this was a weird post...


Barbara H. said...

What else could he wear? A velour jogging suit and gold chain? Cargo shorts and a Hawaiian shirt? I'd love a set of Tim Gunn paper dolls. Wonder if Bravo would go for it....they could have a whole Project Runway line. But then paper dolls went out of style about 50 years ago, didn't they?

Fibra Artysta said...

Oh! Oh! I'd love Tim Gunn paper dolls! Then I could give him different outfits all the time!!! BRILLIANT idea!