22 December 2007

What does the blog think?

Like every other human on earth, my time is consumed with the business of living. Working a full time job, running errands, caring for family. Locating time to make art amongst the mess of everything else can sometimes prove to be an undertaking that makes me throw up my hands in frustration.

So lately I've opted to just leave it out of the equation. And its not made me very happy. I've often thought that it would be nice to go to an artist residency. Then reality smacks me upside the head and I know that working out the logistics of that would be near impossible.

Today was the first day of my holiday shutdown. I have eleven days off work. I have no plans, save for a couple family functions...so I'm making this a self imposed artist residency. This time is precious, I want to accomplish a lot. Much of which is laying the foundation for work that can be completed after I go back to work.

Today I decided to experiment with an idea that's been kicking around for a while. I'm not sure I like it. My mom said she thinks its neat and the woman is incapable of lying about stuff...but I'm not sure if this has potential or not. Add to that the fact that the pictures are shite and it may make soliciting opinions about it even harder.

Art quilts are most certainly my primary love when it comes to fiber art but one aspect of them that I struggle with is the flatness of them. It bugs me, so I always add embellishments to it to try to bring them away from the wall.

So I thought, "Self? Wouldn't it be neat if we abandoned the need to display fiber art on the wall? What if we constructed it so that it could be shaped and stand alone on a table?" Good idea, self. Let's see if we can make that work...

I came up with these....

They are bendable and can be posed. The first one kind of got cemented into a circular shape so that one is stuck. The second one is not restrained and can be shaped and twisted and tortured in a lot of different ways.

Part of me feels like these are crap. Part of me likes them. My first reaction when I set them both on the table to take the pictures were, "What the hell are they?"

So dear readers, you decide for me...should I make more? Or should I just file this away in the "tried it, it sucked" category?

I'm just not sure....


bj parady said...

Funny you should be going down this track...I've been thinking 3D lately--haven't done anything with it, but thinking about it.

You might think of these as studies. Maybe they're not exactly what you want yet, but I think they are leading in a good direction, and you've learned in the making of them, right? If you still have ways you want to try to work this way, do it. If you have run out of ideas, set them aside and do something else.

But I want to see more of them.

FunkyC said...

Now this is an interesting thing for you!

Somehow I feel it could be a blend between the 2-d art and the dolls you make, which in my mind are some of the best art you make.

11 days eh?? Don't suppose you'll need a bead run?

Leann said...

I do think these are studies, and I think you should be looking at some basketry techniques. I certainly think they are worthwhile and an avenue you should pursue. Do you want them to be touchable? Is manipulating them something you want to do until you get them just right, or do you want the public to manipulate them?

Sujati said...

Hi! I have the sense that these will evolve from this stage and you should defintitely keep going-I just know the first thing I would do is pick them up to see how they feel-look forward to seeing more! Enjoy the holidays,and squeeze in as much art as you can-I am doing the same!

sionwyn said...

definitely keep going! There must be something in the air lately; I've been working out/on some stuff re 3D quilted forms for the last few months too.

Pattie said...

It sounds as though this could be your new focus and I agree, it could be you're "studying" right now, for future works. I think the colors and textures are fantastic! Hope your rejuvenation goes as planned. Happy Holidays!

Barbara H. said...

I have 11 days off work, too, and I am also doing a self-imposed artistic retreat for myself. Have fun with it, looks good.

Cara said...

Definitely keep going. Data collection.
Theya re nice as they are. What will they evolve into?
Functional or merely ornamental? Fashion accessories? For people?

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