22 July 2013

would YOU like to guest blog for me?

The site for Smudged Textiles Studio (my new art home!) continues to be built, getting there. At the current pace, I'm saying mid September for it's unveiling. I have huge plans for the blog once it moves over there and one of the new elements is Guest Blogging. Woo!

I'm looking for posts on the following topics:

* Fiber art / mixed media project tutorials

* Fiber art / mixed media art technique tutorials

* Essays about creativity

* Art business advice

* Cool topics I haven't thought of! :)

If any of those sound like something you'd like to write about, shoot me an email at FibraArtysta@earthlink.net with your post idea and I'll send you the guideline sheet for Guest Blogging.

Please know that not every post pitched can be accepted. It has to fit the vibe of my site meaning being fiber art or creativity/art business related - I won't be putting up posts about Tupperware.

Thanks and hope to write with you! :)


Robbie said...

What do you mean, "no posts on Tupperware"! You're no fun, Lynn!! I love your Header Design!!!

RoseLegge said...

Hi Lynn, Sure I'd guest blog on your site. To see if you'd like my content, hop on over to scrutinize my offerings at Penrose.


Forever textiles,
Rose Legge

Sea Air Arts - Deb H said...

I look forward to your up-coming changes. I know (in the middle of it too) what a huge amount of work building a new web site is. I'm sure you will have fabulous things to share with us as you have already been doing so!

Unknown said...

Yes. Yes. And yes. No ideas right now, but we can talk, right?

Lisa Chin said...

Aw man - how about painting tupperware? Would that work? ;) Looking forward to seeing the new site!