13 July 2013

searching again

So there I was, minding my own business, when suddenly it hit me. That little voice that only takes being ignored for so long before it has a full on tantrum - you know the one, it speaks for your creativity. It wasn't so polite this time, it really chewed me out. It said, "Listen, you need to make some art. How about machine pieced quilts?"

What? Huh? I've never made a machine pieced quilt in my life. Although I love them dearly, I'm strongly attracted to the Gee's Bend and Nancy Crow aesthetic. The impact of their work takes my breath away.

I have flirted with the idea of machine pieced work a couple of times. The last time I entertained it, the Remnants Collage series was born. You can clearly see that I don't machine piece these:

Remnants Collage 5
Lynn Krawczyk

I rely on fusing for this series, it's served me well. But since the nagging little voice distracted me for several days with it's insistence, I decided to try a small study by creating a Remnants Collage that is machine pieced. I just grabbed random pieces out of scrap box and went to town, chopping and sewing back together:

Let me say that I'm not unhappy with this. It has some things I really like. One of the interesting things is that I felt like I had far less control over the outcome then how I normally make my collages. Maybe it's because it was a trial and I wasn't trying to focus on design, but there was far more, "Let's just see what happens" with this little fellow. Kind of liked that part.

My issue with it is that it doesn't look that different to me then my other Remnants Collages - meaning that all I'm doing is changing construction methods for the series. It didn't take me long to realize that this isn't what the little voice was nudging me about.

My task now is to figure out what it wants. I'm looking at a whole new series, one that creates the emotional impact that I feel when I look at Gee's Bend quilts but still comes from my voice. No small order.

I didn't expect to be searching again, I feel quite settled with the work that I'm doing right now. I've no intention of abandoning the Remnants Collage series because I love that series and all it has to say. But now I'm wanting to introduce something entirely new. It's exciting and maddening at the same time.

How about you? Do you ever get hit over the head with the idea for new work when you least expect it?


HollyM said...

Im feeling in a bit of a niche with my work right now.baccording to some, I have a style but I'm feeling a bit like I want to do something a bit different. I've been looking, reading experimenting a bit. I like some things out there but of course I want it to be work that says me.
Right now I'm concentrating in sketching and painting, and I signed up Gord an e course.

Robbie said...

I think I've never had a style??? I seem to go from one technique to another...i do love handwork...bead embroidery....it's great you are venturing to the machine..great start

Jeannie said...

Style? LOL! I don't read Vogue and I don't create like others. I am a hummingbird or dragonfly, always searching for what will be my life long passion. As I near 60, I realize I'd better make up my damn mind! LOL! I don't like machine sewing. Is it from demanding, cruel Home Ec. teachers? I don't know, but give me ingredients and I can stitch up something by hand quickly. I like what you have created. Are the seams what are bothering you? When you look at the early remnant collages, you can see hints of other cloth below. Almost like an outline stitch, the gray or black peek out. They add another layer that you can't get with machine sewn seams. You could add hints of paint, or embroidery. Just a thought. :)

Lisa Chin said...

I'm glad you followed the inner voice! Good for you!
I love the Gee's Bend quilts. For me I think I love the Gee's Bend quilts so much because of the bold graphic shapes and the solid colors. And the wonkiness. I like wonky. I especially like making wonky blocks. What is it about Gee's Bend and Nancy Crow quilts that speaks to you? Oops I guess you said that it was the emotional impact you love. So what creates that emotional impact for you?

This is a great start! Glad you have plans to keep trying!

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

I have spent most of my creative life trying new(for me!) and different things, settling into fiber arts mostly about 15 years ago, although I have been playing with fibers for lots longer. Recently, I began making coiled fabric bowls and scrap scarves, thanks to Sherrie Spangler who I met via her blog... both items do a good job of making a dent in my fabric stash, and they make my soul sing when I create them, which is where it's at for me! Enjoy your journey, and I hope you have lots of fun!

Sea Air Arts - Deb H said...

Do I get hit with ideas for new work frequently? Sometimes it's just avoidance behavior, sometimes it's just shiny object syndrome, some times it's a game (life?) changer. I try to ignore them if they are very fleeting (usually one of the first two) and save my time for the persistent ideas. They are usually worth perusing so enjoy the journey!