10 July 2013

a new collaboration - the beginning! :)

Okay, we've talked all about how to make our spaces more functional - now it's time to use it! Woo!

Lest you think all I've done is push my supplies around and no art has been made, I'm excited to tell you about a new project. I'm starting a collaboration with the fabulous Karen Anne Glick.

I first "met" Karen Anne when I was trolling around on etsy looking at fiber art. It's a habit, something I do to unwind at the end of the day. For some reason, it zones me out, it's like my own personal little gallery. But when I found Karen Anne's shop, I sat up bolt straight.

You know how there are some people you encounter for the first time and you just know that you are destined to be friends? Sounds weird but I knew that when I saw Karen Anne's art, there is a kinship there that I can't explain. I'm happy to report that she feels the same, we have become friends through online. (Which is good because I really don't know what the protocol is to become a proper stalker.)

Ever since I got a taste for how wonderful and exciting collaboration can be in the project I did with Lisa Call, I had been searching for a way to create a longer and more elaborate project. And now Karen Anne and I are doing just that (couldn't think of a better partner, really).

We don't have a lot of rules outside of we're going to do our level best to keep a regular schedule. We have sent out two originals each, no specific size, and once the other person receives it, she can do whatever she wants to it. Cut it up, stitch it, print it, make funny faces at it.

What will be interesting is that while we are both abstract artists, we have very different processes.

Karen Anne works will all kinds of fabric and does free form machine piecing.

I'm a printer, all paint all the time. And I work mostly on cotton (as in 99.9% of the time.) And we all know how me and the machine get along...hand stitching anyone?

In all honesty, the biggest challenge for me will be altering Karen Anne's work. I own two of her pieces, I have an incredible affection for her aestheic - will be a little difficult to take paint to it. Well, the first time at least. ;-)

We're going to document the progress of the pieces on our blogs (Karen Anne's is here) and I hope you'll stick with us as they grow and twist and change. We're not sure when we'll call them done, we just want to work organically and keep it fun. So without further ado, here are the original pieces we each created as a start. Let the games begin! :)

Original quilt #1 (measuring 8.5" wide x 6.5" high) from Karen Anne:

Original quilt #2 (measuring 8.5" square) from Karen Anne:

Original printed fabric #1 (forgot to measure it, will get that from Karen Anne) from me:

Original printed fabric #2 (forgot to measure it, will get that from Karen Anne) from me:

Should be a fun ride! :)


Jeannie said...

Your collaboration looks like so much fun! Thanks for the link to Karen's site. I love her work and her sculptural pieces are fantastic. Looking forward to watching what you both do to the fabric art.

Lisa Chin said...

Looking forward to seeing what you two end up doing! Two of my friends did a project like this and it was fantastic. They had a great time and we loved seeing what they did.

Carol R. Eaton Designs said...

What a great adventure! I look forward to the unique pieces you two will create!

artroomer said...

I can see interesting compositions of the mixed media kind from this fusion of stitch/print.....thread/paint....yin/yang. As a teacher who finds the collaborative styles of my senior art students inspiring when I give them a workshop to bond and share, I look forward to viewing the results.

Iola said...

This is fantastic!