21 July 2013

publishing news - Power to the Puff! :)

Well, "Power to the Puff!" isn't the real name of the article but that's how I felt when I was writing it. :)

I've got an article out in the latest Quilting Arts about Jacquard Puff Additive. It's a nifty product that lets you turn any paint into a puffing machine. I had a great time with it and the article is basically a review of how I used it and the tips that I have for incorporating it into your work:

And because I'm a total geek for the stuff, I shot a (somewhat lopsided) video* of how the paint puffs. I loved watching it do it's thing and thought you might like to see it in action too. The video shows me puffing a Thermofax screen print of my Birds on a Wire screen.

* Holding the camera in one hand and puffing with the heat gun in the other hand wasn't so easy. Not the most perfect video in the world but it's still fun to watch, stick it out past the part where I'm talking and then it goes straight. ;-)

Happy Puffing! :)


Lynda said...

Lynn, Great video! Really shows how it puffs. Thanks.

Regina B Dunn said...

What fun. For some reason, it reminds me of Jiffy Pop. Jacquard paints Jacquard paints the magic stuff. As much fun to watch as it is to puff. Forgive me. (Those of my age will recognize the poem.)

Robbie said...

I've used Pebeo Expandable paint before but never tried this product! Wow! This could open a whole new world!

Sea Air Arts - Deb H said...

It's magic! I love magic.