15 July 2013

"Color Theory Made Easy" workshop & a freebie! :)

Earlier this year when I wandered down to Ohio to film a couple of segments for Quilting Arts TV, I also filmed my second DVD workshop, "Color Theory Made Easy".

DVD version here
Downloadable version here

As the name implies, it's about Color Theory - specifically the color wheel, tint, tone, shade and color combinations. The incredible amount of information contained in color theory would have made the workshop easily twenty hours long (which I wouldn't have minded but the camera guys probably had a limited attention span for paint flinging and gushing over the subject of color so that wasn't an option) but I had only one so those are the highlights I hit.

Of course, I had to make it fun while I was at it! :) See those printed Typewriters up there? Want a closer look? Here:

For each color concept we learn, we make one of these. Nifty, right? :) In order to make them, we learn gelatin plate monoprinting, paint writing and Thermofax screen printing. By re-creating the same piece for each lesson, you can see how simply changing the color of the work changes the entire feel of it.

Here's a little preview of the workshop:


You'll notice on the cover of the DVD that the pieces are attached to canvases but in the close up right before the video clip, it looks like a wall hanging. And you would be right. In the DVD I teach you how to mount them on canvas as individual works. But I also thought it would be fun to see them assembled into a more traditional setting like a small machine pieced wall hanging.

I enlisted the help of Blogless Patrice Smith (thus named because she is without a blog or website) to create one such wall hanging and she kindly obliged. This is how they look in that setting:

Typewriter Love Wall Hanging
by Lynn Krawczyk and Patrice Smith
* modeled by Leann Meixner

(The quilt model is the fabulous Leann. Don't you love her shoes?)

I show you the wall hanging at the beginning of the workshop but that's about it. I don't tell you how to put it togehter. I felt kind of like a tease because of that so I put together a free tutorial that you can download and call your very own.

Now to print the Typewriter blocks, you have to get the workshop, that's the only place I show you how to do that. (Which is a really good time anyhow so you'll definitely want to do that!) Once you have those done, you can assemble them into your very own "Typewriter Love Wall Hanging."

(The directions assume that you understand basic machine piecing.)

As always, I had an awesome incredible time filming the workshop - it's always such a joy to be able to put these together! I hope you'll love it as much as I do! :)

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janice said...

Already have it altough I haven't had time to view but know that it will be incredibly informative. Recognized Leann immediately.