02 October 2012

odd habits

Behold - the chaos that is my studio.

I posted that picture on my facebook page and most people didn't think it was so awful. Truth be told, its not as bad as it could be. After all, you can actually see the things that the floor is made out of. I consider that a step in the right direction.

There has been some cleaning. Minor. Enough to make it look more inhabitable. (Truth be told, a friend was coming over for the first time to see it right after I shot this snap. I swear, nothing makes you clean quicker then company.)

I've realized that I have a long list of studio habits that basically converge into an all powerful series of ticks that lead the studio to look the way it does above. I wondered if maybe I'm not alone so I thought maybe I'd post a few of them here (insanity does love company).

1.  There is no need to redefine the word "floor".  Finished with that fabric? Throw it in a downward direction. Need to move that paper? Introduce it to the fabric you just finished with. Its like trying to make a mixed media piece beneath my feet. That or I'm just trying to make myself taller.

2. Two bottles of glue is plenty. Not five, not seven and certainly not ten. (We won't say where my count is at.) Its also perfectly acceptable to use up a whole bottle at a time. We aren't running a glue museum here, after all.

3. Just because its a flat surface does not mean it needs a pile. Or does it?

4. Books bearing titles such as "Declutter in 30 days" and "100 ways to stay organized" only work if they are removed from the plastic they were shipped in and read. Simply owning them does not make your organized.

5. Same goes for the twenty stacks of post-it-notes. Possession of organizational items is a mental band aid only. (See photo above.)

6. It is unacceptable to clean your paint brush on the carpet. Period.

7. The pet's fur does not count as a duster. You may not use them to rid the room of dust bunnies.

I've accepted this room is what it is. But its still curious to me how it gets so chaotic. Its like a cocoon of creative madness. Maybe not such a horrible thing after all.

Although sometimes I do feel that I need to leave a note with a rescue squad in case I need to be rescued. You never know what could be lurking in one of those piles...


Lisa said...

Looks like my dining room - which doesn't get used very much. BUT since Thanksgiving is one of those times it is used I better start cleaning NOW. Thanks for the mental kick to get me started, lol.

Sea Air Arts - Deb H said...

In reference to item #4 - really? No wonder the entire bookshelf of organizing books has not helped.

Having to read them, what a concept. ;o)

Colleen Kole said...

"Cocoon of creative madness"...I love this . Maybe a cocoon of creative energy? Just means you have been working hard or playing hard.

Mary@BarnBugStudio said...

You are a girl after my own heart! I blame the mixed-media thing, and the fabri-holic thing. I simply cannot tidy as I go when I'm seized by inspiration. My studio floor becomes a holding area. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

tiedyejudy said...

This is why I have never even read an issue of "Studio" magazine! My feeling is you can't have a perfectly tidy studio if you plan to use it! Mine gets cleaned occasionally... maybe I should take a picture of it when I finish cleaning, and post it on my design board to remind me of what it CAN look like!

Jeannie said...

Home Sweet Home! If I came to visit, I would be right at home. If it was spic & span I would be suspect as to how you create your beautiful art. I know it is time to vacuum when the cats come out from under the hutch - with friends (Bert & Gert Dustbunny). I think creative souls find ways to create in chaos. ;)