30 September 2012

where i stand sunday

Would you?

Would you step away from the determined into the unknown if you could?

What would you do? What new choices would you make?

How would life be different?

Where I Stand is an ongoing photo essay examining the different places I spend my life standing. Too often we take for granted the everyday places we spend our lives walking on. The ground we tread on has its own stories to tell. 

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KAM said...

It is my understanding of my journey that every step I take "directs" the course of my journey. In other words, it is my belief that each of surely does have the opportunity to make our journey be on a track that reflects our desires and aspirations. So to answer the questions:
Would you? Yes, each day I write and put desires onto the pages of my journals and sketchbooks. It is my beginning to taking the journey on a direction that my spirit longs to follow.

Would you step away from the determined into the unknown if you could? This is not always as easy to do as it is to understand the concept. I make the effort to step into the unknown with faith that there is within the unknown something that will speak to my spirit and guide me in a good way.

What would you do? The forecast for me is always a one day at a time experience. As I write, as I think about new ideas or old ideas it is my intention to explore and follow those ideas that sit on the page of my journal and sketchbook. Far away goals , thoughts on the horizon may be present in those words and sketches, yet for me it is always the action of one day at a time.

What new choices would you make? The biggest choice I have made is to embrace the physical challenges that present to me these days, sometimes sending me down avenues of accepting new ways to create what I imagine. My choice is to be present to each day with acceptance of who I am, right now, and to create art each day in whatever way I am able to do so and to take away "have tos" and "musts" that often are outside of what is my present reality.

How would life be different? Life is different for me as I learn to look at the enticing ideas, hold them as treasures and explore them as I am able.

Probably much more than you were looking for, Lynn! Your questions just resonated with the present state of my journey.