10 October 2012

a small change of plans - etsy shop notice!

I spent this past Sunday knee deep in the pile of debris I so fondly refer to as my studio and office. (I swear, if I don't tame this soon, I'll find myself on Hoarders screaming "That's still good! Put that back!")

Its thrown into sharp relief that deadlines are approaching and I need to be much more focused about where I spend my time. When this happens, I begin to ruthlessly examine things. Sort of like lining them up against the wall and firing my "You can wait!" gun at them.

Back in this post I outlined the new schedule for my etsy shop over the next few months but its pretty apparent that I need to revise that even more. Because as much as I'd like to, I've yet to find a way to cram more hours into the day (trust me, I'm working on it).

So to make things easier on Jackie and I, I'm switching things up a little bit again - but in a way that I hope you will find exciting. 'Cause I kind of like it, seems like a nifty idea.

The shop will be closed December 2012 and January 2013, reopening on February 2, 2013. During the month of November 2012, the shop will not stock any thermofax screens but will feature artwork that would make wonderful gifts for the upcoming season from myself and Jackie.

Hear that? Pay attention - NO THERMOFAX SCREENS FOR THREE MONTHS. That means get them by October 31 or pine away until next February.

Here, let me list it out to make it clear:

November 2012 - Awesome artwork by Lynn and Jackie for gift giving - no thermofax screens

December 2012 & January 2013 - CLOSED

February 2, 2013 - shop reopens with all thermofax screen options available for your screen printing pleasure.

No, this is not being done to drive you mad - but rather to keep us both sane. The project that I'm working on that has prompted this decision is a tremendous amount of work and I want to give it my full attention because I'm thinking you all will love it as much as I do once its complete.

So get the screens while the getting is good! I'll still be blogging and facebooking and online all over the place, just not selling thermofax screens duirng that time period.

Thanks!! :)

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