08 October 2012

"color + stitch" at the 2012 ASE

A couple weeks ago I taught my new class, "color + stitch", at the American Sewing Expo in Novi, MI. Kate (always an incredible sport and help) and I shuffled into the expo center super early (we didn't mind too much, we had coffee) and began setting things up.

I admit, I always get a little nervous before class. Mostly because my teaching style is a little more on the relaxed size. I'll boss you around as much as you want me to but for the most part, I give you all the space you need to do your own thing.

Turns out the bunch that showed up for class embraced it with style and boy, did we have a good time. As proof to their adventurous spirits, here is the class sample that the demos were centered around:

And these are shots from class of the awesomeness that everyone made:

 (I've noticed that I make weird faces when I talk. And there always seems to be a camera around when I make them. Oh and also? I'm quite short.)

(We made a mess. Although no one got paint in their hair.)

Not a single piece made looked exactly like the class sample. It would have been totally cool if there had been but everyone watched the demos and flung paint about in a way that suited their own artistic eye. Love that! 

I had a blast. :) I slept thirteen hours the following day but still, a total blast in every way. I so enjoy teaching, I wish my schedule allowed for more of it. But rather then lament over how rarely I do it, I'm thankful for the times when I can. :)


Sea Air Arts - Deb H said...

It sounds like your class was an overwhelming success, I'm so sorry I missed it but loved running into you and Kate at the show.

One of these days you will find me staring out at you from your students ;o)

Jay said...

Great Pics! I would love to take a class from you someday...do you ever get to Texas???

Lynda said...

Looks like an awesome class and what great results!

KAM said...

What a terrific class; from the photos it is clear to me that you taught your students how to find and use their own voice in their work during the class...lovely, varied and personal color palettes. Nice.

Judi Hurwitt (Approachable Art) said...

Looks like it was so much fun! And what a kick I got out of seeing that someone had used my screen!

Janet Pray said...

Thanks so much for teaching a fabulous class. Hope we can do it again next year!

Maggi said...

Fabulous results from everyone. Would love to take a class with you if ever you get over to the UK.

HollyM said...

They all look wonderful! Wish I could have been there!