25 October 2012

come visit me at "Open Studios" at Houston IQF!! :)


I just got a brand new batch of business cards. I'm a little in love with them because they feature my Remnant Collage series and its satisfying to see them all lined up in a row like that. I ordered a larger batch then I normally do. Why you ask?

Because I'll be doing a demo in Houston at the International Quilt Festival! :) Here are the details:


In case you aren't familiar with either Open Studios or Craftsy, allow me to explain.

Open Studios is a demo spectacular that happens at the International Quilt Festival. Professional artists demo a wide range of techniques and if you're attending festival, you can wander right up the table and watch and ask questions and just generally have a blast. This will be my third time doing Open Studios but first time doing them in Houston and I couldn't be more thrilled to be participating in them at the mother show of IQF.

The demoing fanfare of Open Studios is being hosted by Craftsy. Craftsy is an online host to a really impressive array of online classes. Wander on over to their site, its really awesome! Open Studios and Craftsy is a great collaboration!

I'll be at Open Studios on Saturday November 3 from 10am-noon demoing Shadow Printing. 

That's a printing technique that creates a layered facade on fabric similar to the way shadows layer themselves over things. I'll also be showing how to do layered printing on fabric and flinging paint about at random. (Don't worry, I won't get any on you.)

If you are coming to IQF-Houston, please do stop by and say hello, I'd love to meet you! Plus there are TONS of awesome demos going on the entire time, stop by Pokey Bolton's blog to read the full schedule. The demo stages are located near the food courts.

Here's a peek at what I'm taking along for samples. Hope to see you there!! :)


Leann said...

Have a wonderful time! I sure wish I could visit!

Jeannie said...

Have fun and give Judi a hug from me! I wish I was going to be there just so I could meet you both.

Janice said...

Really enjoyed your open studios demo! Thanks for the inspiration!