24 September 2012

feeling unfaithful

Cathy sent me that fabric for my birthday. She knows me well. I swooned when I saw it.

Its been lurking about my studio ever since and I just kind of keep walking by it and petting it. I have an idea for a series of heavily stitched art cloths and this is kind of like kismet, just begging me to begin.

How can you not love that fraying and texture??

What makes this different is that its not my beloved kona cotton. I admit that once I find something I love I tend to stick to it like glue. And my choice of fabric is pretty much consistent that way. I like a good kona cotton - its got real presence since its a little thicker and it stands up to surface design like an absolute champ. I'm not so much of a silk fan, could never really warm up to it.

But that wonderful puddle of color up above is linen. And not only that, but upcycled clothing that Cathy dyed for another fabric.

I'm so inspired by the way it drapes, I want to take a needle and thread to it and just stitch on it until it begs for mercy.

What about you? Are you faithful to a particular aspect of your medium?

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Kathy said...

I am a real zealot when it comes to my tools, rather than my fabric. I'll try just about any fabric, but I can only use one style of rotary cutter, only like one brand of scissors, one style of cutting mat and brand of rulers...we always have something that is next to impossible to imagine changing.