26 September 2012

a small adjustment

My battle with my studio is no secret. In fact, it borders on epic. We have a somewhat uneasy relationship. We like each other but disagree over items such as how to lay out furniture and whether or not it should be responsible for cleaning up after itself. (I think it should. If people can shoot up into space, a self-cleaning studio does not seem like such an unreasonable thing.)

Watching HGTV doesn't help. Not in the least. I had a dream that these guys were renovating my studio. One was taking a sledgehammer to a wall and the other was neatly folding fabric.

But then I was watching Sarah's House and she did this:

That there is a craft room using IKEA kitchen islands. IKEA kitchen...hmmm...my head about exploded. Genius!! I've been working hard to contain myself from completely tearing everything out of my studio and redoing the entire thing in handy dandy versatile IKEA kitchen cabinets.

I really can't right now, too many projects with firm deadlines. And honestly, my poor studio walls leave something to be desired. The whole room needs to be emptied and the walls repaired and a nice clean coat of paint needs to go up. (One that isn't the result of me accidentally stepping on a paint bottle and shooting a stream of bright orange acrylic across the room.)

My current plan of attack is to undertake the massive change next spring. Which isn't so far. But the itch to change something just wouldn't go away. And in my twitchy restlessness, I discovered this:

Score! I have a task list as long as me (I'm 5'1" so while for a human that is not so long, for a list that is mighty) and it would be nice to have a space to write it all out and get it out of my head.

Wall space is limited. At least, wall space that I can reach with my short arms. I decided to move my design wall which was half hidden by the door anyway to a different space and paint the dry erase board in that space. It'll be big for a writing space, only something not so great happened when I moved the design board:

I took part of the drywall with it. Or at least the surface of it. And then I noticed all the teeny tiny little pin holes and remembered why I put the design wall there to begin with. (Reminders via post-its seems a logical interim solution.)

Spackle has been purchased and I plan to tackle the project next week. Its definitely going to be more involved then I originally thought but I think it will be worth it in the end. 

And now that I can not only see but use my entire design board, I didn't waste any time filling it up with newly printed fabric:


*sigh* Definitely my happy place! :)


thesewinggeek said...

The places where we do our work - the studio - wherever that may be for people is a continual work of "art" in itself. Sometimes I think I spend more time cleaning up or rearranging than creating. But it is still always a happy place!

Gina Sismilich said...

I absolutely think studios should be self-cleaning like ovens!